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Top 5 Reasons to Partner with CPT

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All Work Done Right And 100% To Your Satisfaction

We understand how important it is to have reliable IT for your business. That’s why we complete your job right the first time, and 100% to your satisfaction.  We’re not happy until you’re happy.

You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not a “One-Man-Band”

Our reliable team’s vast experience offers the ability for our Technicians to resolve your problems without keeping you waiting for hours or even days.

No Hidden Fees

We keep our clients by delivering excellent service, not binding contracts that handcuff you to using us.  Our service agreements aren’t full of weasel clauses and exclusions; you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you can expect.

“You’re Thrilled Today Or You Don’t Pay” 100% Money Back Guarantee

You'll notice we don't hide behind small print or legalese in our guarantee That's because we are completely confident in our ability to fix whatever problems you have and make you thrilled that you called us. 

No Geek Speak

We understand how frustrating "tech talk" can be, which is why you’ll never hear it from us.  We explain everything in plain English so it’s easy to understand.